Black Mesh Lace Up Goth Pants Sexy Tight Skinny Bat Wing Fetish Punk Trousers

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How to express my love for these pants? I listed them out of order, before all other pants because they are the coolest things I've ever beheld. Pants that are made to look like thigh high stockings (minus the annoyance of having to keep pulling them up or worry about them cutting off your circulation, or being too tight that they make your thighs bulge where they're not supposed to, or leave an elastic mark on your thighs, I could go on) these are made like ordinary tight stretchy pants but with a section of mesh to show off your thighs and below it they are bat wing-like shaped over the knee which carries on to sexy hot lacing the whole way down the legs.

A piece you will definitely stand out in, get ready for all the attention. High quality craftsmanship, you won't be disappointed in! I have been selling this brand for over 7 years in retail and online and people LOVE the quality. These items will last you years and years of wear.

Size chart is in the photos, if in doubt always go a size up! Generally, measure your chest/waist/hips (whichever are applicable) with a measuring tape. Add at least 1 inch (or 2 cms) to that measurement, correspond the number to the size chart and then pick the size next size UP. Always choose your size according to the number in cm or inches on the size chart. Never guess your size by "L" or XL" since all manufacturers use different charts. If still in doubt, please message me and I'll help you pick a size!

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