Crow Metal Spinal Heel Strappy PVC Vegan Pumps

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Made with 100% vegan materials.

Unique, sexy ankle high peep toe sandals w/ custom hand sewn scales layered in front. 5″ custom molded ABS skeleton heel w/ chrome plating. Adjustable ankle straps with metal oval flame buckle.

Size chart is also in the photos, where you can magnify it.

Sizes are approximate, so if in doubt, go a size up. 

Hades is a beautiful collection of intricately designed shoes made not only with elegance and quality but a dangerously addictive sex appeal. Our motto is “inability to conform”, because we represent those who want to be different.

Originally launched in 2010, we have grown into a well acknowledged designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of provocative heels and rebellious footwear with a touch of alternative and designer taste that hasn’t been seen in our new generation of fashion, yet exploding worldwide in popularity. Our shoes have been requested in numerous photo shoots, cat walks, TV shows and even celebrity events! As a strong promoter of individuality,  we have put renowned designers and shoemakers together to form one of the most beautiful collections of shoes, each design having its own story and craftsmanship that is sure to make heads turn. With our rapid expansion into the world market, we are working around the clock to make sure our exclusive family of retailers are taken care of as we grow together into a strong network of supplying this hungry demand for something fresh and new.

We also support vegan lifestyle and do not use animal skin, fur, glue, leather or anything associated with the harm of animals. We are true to the sustainable cause and pride ourselves in being a vegan brand, not just a brand that makes some vegan shoes alongside leather shoes.